Logo Imprint Services

All of our products can be branded with your logo by different methods depending on customer's requirement and the material of the USB Flash Drive.

Silk Screen Printing

This method is available for nearly all of our products. It is the most requested printing method. It can be done in single or multiple colors.

Full Color Photo Printing

Full colour printing is the best choice for logos with many colors or those with shading or gradation. Logos can be printed in full color by combining 4 colours known as CMYK in varying amounts. We use this technique in combination with polyurethane film to give your logo a very durable finish which is highly resistant to scratches and bumps.

Epoxy Dome

This can be used in few of our product, which must comes with flat surface and area available to stick the epoxy dome. Epoxy dome looks very shiny so that the logo could look more colorful under the epoxy dome. The layer of resin applied to the sticker helps prevent wear and tear and significantly reduces the usual scratching and erosion of logo's that can occur on printed USB sticks. Anyhow, it's not recommended for small order quantity.

Embossing / Debossing

This printing method could only be used on leather design of USB flash drives and it doesn't support any color. With this special imprint, it produce a durable and a rustic looking impression on to the leather.

Laser Engraving

If you want a flash drive that is made from metal, you should consider a special imprint that will give your USB flash product that extra impression and touch. We can use laser engraving for any metal surface of USB flash drives. Different metal will yield different results. The engraved logo can resist scratching and other kinds of daily wear-and-tear.

Inner Laser / Sand Blasting

This branding option can only be applied on a USB flash drive that is made of crystal. Logos are look especially attractive when deep etched in to crystal. Crystal is valued for its' brilliance, weight, clarity, precision and timeless look. 

Wood Carving / Engraving

Your personalized logo can be carving or burn-in if you choose a flash drive that is made from wood. Different material or color of wood such as Walnut, Redwood, Maple, Bamboo or Cherry will yield different results. Cherry wood provides some of our greatest results. This branding option will give your USB flash drive that extra impression and touch and of course can withstand daily wear-and-tear.

Luminous light (Neon printing)

Your personalized logo can be very eye catching when the flash drive plug in to your computer as it gives out light and make luminous of your logo. This branding option is only suitable for certain model and it's limited!