We offer a variety of innovative options to customize your custom content in various format.

Simply Preload

This is used to have us place files onto the drive.  This data could be a simple placement, allowing a user to freely copy files from the USB drive then delete them.

Non-Erasable File

If you want to protect your data from deletion by the final user then you require the file lock feature on the USB flash drive. This special feature combines the flexibility of a standard USB flash drive with the read-only feature of a CD-ROM. When you insert the USB flash drive into your USB port, two drive icons will appear: one is for the read-only zone and the other for a standard rewritable drive. There is the possibility of 'hard-coding' data to the read-only area while still giving users the ability to use the rewriteable area as a regular USB flash drive. You can either make all or some of your preloaded files non-erasable.

Volume Labels and Customized Icon Creation

Your USB drive can carry on your brand right onto the desktop of your audience and the defaulted drive icon could be replaced with customized icon too.


As soon as the flash drive is plugged in, the preloaded file will pop up automatically. The latest computer operating systems have reduced their support for Autorun to tighten security. As flash drives have become more common over the years, the large majority of users can easily find a presentation on a flash drive without the need for it to autorun.

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With which Operating Systems will Autorun work?

Autorun compatibility of file lock (Read Only) partition flash drive on common operating systems.

System:   Windows 2000       Windows XP  Windows Vista / 7   Mac
Command Autorun on the flash drive:  YES  YES w/ warning   NO
Autorun to external URL:     YES  YES NO NO
Autorun to external URL: 
w / launch  helper program
 YES  YES w/ warning NO
Please Note: Some companies prevent flash drives from Autorun on company computers by making changes to each computer's registry or network environment as a security precaution.