What Are Corporate Premium Gifts?

For those who are not familiar with the term, corporate premium gifts are one of the useful ways to put your brand and sales message in your prospect's home or office, pocket or purse, truck or car, and anywhere else that can help a company increase the sales of their products and services. This could be USB pen drives, USB gadgets or one of the other things available in AUSB Premium Gifts website. Through this, the advertising message will be delivered every time the product is used-- without the extra cost per promotion.

The results one can experience through the use of corporate premium gifts follows the theory "give and expect to receive.

AUSB Premium Gifts Malaysia would love to work with you and help you in the 'giving' part. This will allow your organizations to enjoy the 'receiving' benefits of corporate gifts.

Everyone would love to receive a free item-- no doubt about that. It doesn't matter if it's a giveaway, a freebie, or a fun gift for customers or employees, corporate premium gifts is one of the best ways to get people's attention.

Due to the fact that corporate premium gifts are usually colorful and fancy, with the company's logo or message on it, it gets the kind of interest it needs to promote the business.

That in mind, almost any businesses can easily take advantage of this method, but it's important to get the right kind of items for the right price. Here are the other things you ought to know about corporate premium gifts.

How is Corporate Premium Gifts Used?

Considering the fact that corporate gifts can be used alone or combined with other items, the options are endless. Usually, these gifts are used for employee relation purposes, business gifts, corporate communications, orientation programs, and even in trade shows.

They're also ideal for distribution programs as it has the potential of attracting new customers to try the products and services being offered by the company.

The Pros and Cons of Corporate Premium Gifts

If used correctly, corporate premium gifts can help a business become more successful and well-known. Here are some of the benefits one can enjoy, together with the drawbacks that could probably happen.

Corporate Premium Gifts Benefits

Everyone loves freebies and corporate premium gifts possess value that is far beyond their original cost. This holds true, especially when the recipient has been a loyal customer ever since. For instance, a USB drive can offer constant reinforcement of a brand, especially when the receiver uses it on a regular basis.

Corporate Premium Gifts Offer Flexibility

One of the most important features of corporate premium gifts is the fact that they can work within various budgets and as part of different programs. It can be given to any customers, clients, prospects, dealers, suppliers, employees, and many more. Likewise, they can easily be connected to the marketing efforts being shown.

The benefits one can get from corporate premium gifts as marketing tools are pretty established. In fact, studies show that this can increase the response rates, repeat customers, promote the brand, and create favorable impressions about the company.

Cons of Corporate Premium Gifts

In order to achieve positive results, the campaign for corporate premium gifts should be carefully planned. It doesn't matter how 'cool' the gift is, if you don't have any plan on how you're going to promote your brand effectively, this kind of campaign would be a waste of money, time, and effort. Aside from that, the gift you're going to choose could also carry some limitations to the size and colors of the logo. This can have a negative impact on your business.

Fortunately, these flaws can easily be fixed, as long as you'll plan everything carefully.


It also takes a lot of time to produce personalized items. This usually depends on the items being chosen, the workload of the manufacturer, and the like. It's possible to get the product within a few days, but it can also take several months. If you're planning to use the corporate gifts for special events, make sure to request them ahead of time.


The corporate premium gifts being offered by AUSB Premium Gifts Malaysia are very affordable. Though, you don't have to worry about their quality at all-- most of these items are of high quality, but offered at a very affordable price especially for bulk orders. As the quantity increases, they can gift you more discounts for these.