AUSB Corporate Premium Gifts

AUSB Premium Gifts Sdn. Bhd. is a corporate premium gifts supplier based in Malaysia. They deal with the production of customized USB flash drives for promotions and marketing purposes for many businesses and companies in Malaysia. They have a broad range of promotional and marketing flash drives that are made leather, plastic, recycled materials, steel, wood, and custom drives that can be made in custom shape & logo. Apart from USB flash drives, they also supply portable battery or power bank, USB hubs, and USB mini speakers among other USB gadgets. Therefore, they cater for various promotional needs. Besides, they charge reasonable prices and offer outstanding services.

AUSB Premium Gifts is the ideal Electronic and IT gifts partner in premium promotion market. They aim to provide complete customer satisfaction by establishing close partnerships with their established selected factory to leverage on their manufacturing experiences with their marketing network and knowledge. Furthermore, they are committed to offer excellent services and supply the best products to their customers.

Their USB drives can be modified in various ways; most noticeable is the imprinted custom company logo and business image. They partner with their clients to supply premium corporate gifts that are matching with their marketing goals and prestigious company position.

Product Overview

USB Pen Drives

AUSB Premium Gifts offer pen drives that can be customized to promote businesses of their clients. The logo imprint logo that is customizable makes good giveaways at exhibitions, trade shows, occasions or events. With their data services, their clients can impress their prospects, associates, or clients with pen drives packed with data. Their customers can use tech-savvy approach to market their business preloading their latest catalog or promotional materials on imprinted USB pen drives.

USB pen drives save paper & make a lasting impression as a business gift, or souvenir, or premium gift, or promotional gift. For a customer with a design already, AUSB Premium Gifts offer a custom solution in terms of body color and shape basing on the client`s needs to ensure it is unique. Indeed, these pen drives are suitable for the business presentation and other needs.

USB Gadgets

Their USB gadgets make the lives of clients easier especially those who are always on the move. AUSB offer power bank or portable battery, car adapter, and USB Hub for their customers` convenience. Nearly all people who use tablets and smartphones among other electronic devices left their homes with some of these gadgets not fully charged. Therefore, power banks or portable batteries will enable them to charge their tablets, smartphones, and other electronics while they are on the move. USB Hub allows one to use many USB devices. With a car adaptor or USB Hub, an individual can take care of simple tasks such as charging batteries.

Logo Imprint Services
AUSB Premium Gifts products can be branded with their customer`s logo using differing methods depending on the Flash drive material and the requirements of the customer.

Silk Screen Printing
This method is used for almost all their products. It can be done in single or many colors.

Full-color photo printing
This is the best option for logos that have multiple colors or the logos with gradation or shading. Logos are printed in full colors combining four colors called CMYK in different amounts. AUSB use this method together with polyurethane film to ensure that they give their clients` logos durable finish that is resistant to bumps and scratches.

Epoxy Dome
AUSB uses this method in few of their products which should come with flat surfaces and are to stick the epoxy dome.

Embossing/ Debossing
This printing method can be used on leather design of USB flash drives only, and it does not support all colors. With the unique imprint, this method produces a rustic and durable impression onto the leather.

Laser Engraving
AUSB can use this method for all metal surfaces of USB drives. Different metals yield different results. Engraved logos resist scratching and any other wear-and-tear.
ยท Sand Blasting/Inner Laser
This option is only applied to USB drives that are made of crystal.

Wood Engraving/Carving
This branding option gives a USB flash drive an extra touch and impression. Besides, it can withstand wear-and-tear.

Luminous light
This option is suitable for some models only, and it is limited.
AUSB Premium Gifts is fully committed to provide their clients with professionalism and quality products. They also offer competitive prices and punctual delivery. Their customer services are first-class. They are committed to help their customers in planning their promotional or marketing activities creatively.