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Product Description

Code: LY1
Product: Lanyard USB Drive
Material: Nylon and ABS
Product size: 50.5 x 29 x 8mm
Capacity: 1GB-32GB
Brand of memory: Sandisk / Toshiba / Hynix  / Micron / Intel
Branding option: Screen printed
Print area: 20 x 18mm
Interface: Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Compatibility: For PCs and Macs (partial)
Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Orange
Warranty: 3 years
Data Retention: 10 years minimum
Weight: 30g
If you are concerned about losing your USB drive and the important information it contains, consider using the Lanyard USB Drive. Loop one end around your wrist or fasten it to the strap of your purse or laptop case. Fasten the clip on the other end to your keychain or jacket. The plug of the drive is securely clipped in between for the very best security. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing this drive.